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Double publicity portrait of a powerful viking Double publicity portrait of a powerful viking on ship with helmet and sword on sunset isolated on white history. viking axe inventory photographs, royalty-totally free photos & images

As being the name implies, these axe variants had lengthier handles. They might frequently range from three to five feet extensive and were certainly not for hatchet operate.

On this page, I'll take you on a journey from the heritage in the Viking battle axe, tracing its evolution from a straightforward tool to your lethal weapon.

It’s No surprise they were so feared by their enemies! Like a lover of heritage, I locate it interesting to understand all the different weapons which were Utilized in battle for the duration of this time period. It really allows me to feel a way of relationship to your previous as well as the those who lived all through These times.

It’s very clear that the Viking axe was more than just a weapon – it absolutely was a symbol of electric power, strength, and relationship to your spiritual earth.

It is actually this combination of kind and function which has designed the Viking axe this sort of an enduring symbol of Norse culture.

Double publicity portrait of a powerful viking on ship with helmet and sword on sunset isolated on white history.

The Dane axe was one of the most feared Viking weapons, predominantly employed as a weapon, specifically for warfare and raiding. It absolutely was powerful for cleaving, smashing, breaking via shields, or piercing. It could also be utilized being a polearm or maybe a spear.

rear view of medieval warrior strolling while in the forest for the duration of sunset - viking axe stock photographs, royalty-absolutely free photos & images

The viking axe Viking battle axe was a vital Think about the accomplishment of Viking raids, letting warriors to quickly and successfully dispatch their enemies.

senior viking warrior berserker in bear skin in studio shot - viking hunting knife axe inventory pics, royalty-free photos & images

Moreover, The form on the handle was modified to supply a safe grip, enabling for much better control and maneuverability for the duration of battle.

This was a lot more like an axe of Christianity – the cross, or perhaps a crusader axe. The head of cross axe was trimmed hollow from inside to create a (T formed) Holy Cross. The cross axe has a long haft that could get to as many as two meters in length.

Just about the most legendary and viking axe potent weapons on the Viking Age was the battle axe, a fearsome Software that could be utilized for both of those chopping wood and splitting skulls.

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